Anti-corrosion protective systems containing zinc


Process during which small parts are placed in a rotating drum containing zinc or zinc alloy powder and sand. This drum slowly revolves for more than three hours at a temperature of 380 to 400°C, and zinc binds with the metal base, by diffusion. Two zinc-iron layers (gamma and delta) are thus formed at the surface of the material, with coating thickness depending on the treatment temperature and length of time. The coating obtained is uniform, hard and resistant to abrasion and lasting corrosion. See EN 13811 standard for specifications.

The obtained thickness of the coating varies between 2 and 30µm.

Several post-treatments can be carried out: chromium passivation (grey finish), black oxide coating or lubricated finish.

Non-alloy carbon steels, HR steels, sintered material, iron and cast iron are very suitable for sherardising.

Fields of application: nuts and bolts, screws, building, railway, automotive.

ISO 2063 Standard

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