Anti-corrosion protective systems containing zinc

Anti-corrosion performance of different systems

More details on the performance of different anti-corrosion systems which contain zinc, can be found in the EN ISO 14713-1:2009 standard.

Performance varies depending on the systems used, coating thickness and corrosion class.

For flame metallising with sealer layer, the following performances are expected:

For a 100 µm thickness:

  • class C3 (VL): 48-143 years,
  • class C4 (VL): 24-48 years,
  • class C5 (L): 12-24 years,
  • class CX (S): 4-12 years,

For a 200 µm thickness:

  • class C3 (VL): 95-286 years,
  • class C4 (VL): 48-95 years,
  • class C5 (L): 24-48 years,
  • class CX (S): 8-24 years.

ISO 2063 Standard

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