Pure Zinc


Chemical composition

Typical values
Zn ≥ 99,995 %
Other elements
Typical values
Fe ≤ 0,002 %
Pb ≤ 0,003 %
Cu ≤ 0,001 %
Cd ≤ 0,003 %
Maximum impurity percentage 0,005 %
Mechanical / physical properties

Zinc berlingots are available in the following dimensions:

  • 15x15x15 mm
  • 30x30x30 mm



Cardboard boxes of +/- 25 kg
Metal drums of +/- 500 kg
Big bags

Other packaging upon request

High-quality zinc berlingots

Zinc berlingots are produced from high-purity electrolytic zinc and are perfectly suitable for anti-corrosion protection of small parts by electroplating.



Protection for all types of projects

Choosing a coating should be done carefully because it will determine the quality of your work and hence the lifetime of your project. Zinacor has the knowledge, the experience and the quality of products whidh make it the ideal partner to make your decision easy.
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