Anti-corrosion protective systems containing zinc

Mechanical galvanising

Mechanical galvanising is a cold galvanising process through which zinc is mechanically applied onto small metal parts.

The parts to be treated first undergo chemical treatment and then are rotated in a drum with zinc powder, glass beads, water and chemicals. Due to the drum rotation, glass beads spray zinc powder by their impact onto part surfaces. An almost uniform coating is thus obtained, with thickness between 3 and 85µm.

As for the finish treatment, parts can be chromium-plated or oiled.

Mechanical galvanising can be applied on parts with a maximum length of 20cm, and +/-500g, such as bolts, nuts, lock smithery parts (EN ISO 12683 standard).

A mixture of zinc-aluminium can also be deposited using this process.

ISO 2063 Standard

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