Everything started from scratch

In 1810, a new method arose: the production of zinc in metallic state. An industrial innovation of the only zinc producer in Belgium: the company Vielle-Montagne. During the 1970s, the zinc producer developed a new zinc-alloy wire which became the most efficient product on the market for fighting corrosion. The German parent company Grillo-Werke, one of the largest zinc manufacturers worldwide, then took over the activity in 1997.

At the end of the 1990s, Zinacor specialised in manufacturing and marketing zinc wire and zinc-aluminium wire used in the metallising sector. By combining quality, expertise and worldwide vision, Zinacor became the world leader par excellence of zinc wire producers.

Nowadays, all Zinacor products are designed in two production sites located in the heart of Europe, following a production method tested and approved over many years.


  • 01

    Mastery of the manufacturing method

    Thanks to a long experience and a highly specialised knowledge of the production tool
  • 02

    Flexibility and availability

    Stock available at all times
  • 03

    Worldwide representation

    Zinacor is present wherever you go
  • 04

    Customised technical assistance

    Customised service and quick, efficient technical follow-up
  • 05

    Two production sites

    In Angleur (Belgium) and Duisburg (Germany)
  • 06

    Located in the heart of Europe

    Easy, quick shipping wherever you are and whatever the means of transport
  • 07

    Traceability of the production chain

    Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • 08

    Research and development

    Advanced laboratory or on-field research
  • 09


    Reducing to a minimum the number of required maintenance operations

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