Other wires


Chemical composition

Typical values
Sn 69 - 71%
Zn 29 - 31%
Other elements
Typical values
Pb ≤0,05%
Cd ≤0,001%
Cu ≤0,05%
Fe ≤0,07%
Bi ≤0,01%
Mechanical / physical properties
Resistance to traction Rm 90 - 110* Mpa
Elongation A 100mm Min. 40* %
Density ~7,24 g/cm³
Melting range ~199 - 311 °C

All standard dimensions for standard metal spraying guns are available in 2.00 to 4.76mm diameters.

Other diameters upon request.

The diameter tolerance (depending on the rated diameter of the wire) is +0/-0.06 to -0.07mm.



150 kg fiber drums
250 kg fiber drums
20 kg SD300 spools

The measures provided are based on our own measurements. They give no guarantee about the properties.
There is no delivery specification.

Tin-zinc wire for use in high tech

ZINACOR tin-zinc SnZn20 wires are produced with 99.9% tin as per EN 610 and electrolytic zinc 99.995% as per EN 1179.
They are perfectly suitable, like all ZINACOR wires, for flame or electric arc metal spraying.


Protection for all types of projects

Choosing a coating should be done carefully because it will determine the quality of your work and hence the lifetime of your project. Zinacor has the knowledge, the experience and the quality of products whidh make it the ideal partner to make your decision easy.

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