Classification of the different metallising processes

Metallising using expansion of compressed gas without combustion

Cold gas spraying (CGS)

The basic principle of the cold spraying process is accelerating a gas to supersonic speeds in a nozzle. Powder is introduced in the high-pressure part of the nozzle and is sprayed in a “non-molten” state (gas temperature: 600°C) onto the substrate.

Spraying non-molten particles will remove or minimise negative effects encountered with other systems: high-temperature oxidation, evaporation, fewer oxides in the metallising layer.

Laboratory tests showed that the coating produced using this system is extremely dense and has outstanding adhesion.

Materials used in powder form:

  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • aluminium.

Fields of application:

  • automotive;
  • protection against corrosion;
  • electronics.

For more details: method and equipment

ISO 2063 Standard

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