Problems / Solutions

Poor coating adhesion

Possible causes for poor coating adhesion are, amongst others:

  • poor preparation of surface – cleanliness, roughness: follow the recommendations for surface preparation as per ISO 2063:2018;
  • too long metallising distance. The optimum distance for flame metallising is between 125 and 250mm, and between 80 and 180mm for electric arc metallising. If the distance is too long, particles are too cold when they reach the substrate;
  • spray gun installation: wrong voltage. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • wrong metallising angle: optimum angle between 70 and 90°;
  • damp surface to be coated: refer to the ISO 2063:2018 standard for the atmospheric conditions;
  • zinc coating achieves too low adhesion: change to ZnAl which achieves higher adhesion values.

ISO 2063 Standard

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