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Electric arc spray gun : the wire does not come out

Possible causes:

  • spare parts: check that the right spare parts (diameter, alloy) are installed under the right conditions;
  • metallising parameters: check the metallising parameters, follow the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • check the guides and the sheaths: the wire should easily come out, clean if need be;
  • check if the wire comes out easily from the barrel or from the spools;
  • check the thumbwheel on the wire;
  • check the contact nozzles;
  • the wire surface is corroded: a corroded wire can cause problems, always check the storage conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.);
  • the wire is dirty or damaged: replace the wire with a clean wire. Prevent the wire from getting dirty, use wire spools;
  • knots: it is preferable to use wire spools;
  • the wire is twisted or not properly wound: replace the wire.

ISO 2063 Standard

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