Health & safety of the coating operator

Personal protection

The personal protection equipment of a coating operator includes:

  • The hood or helmet:
    • aimed at protecting the coating operator against particle spatters and exposure to dusts, while enabling him to breathe normally,
    • when using an electric arc spray gun, the glass on the hood has to be tinted for protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of the electric arc,
    • the hood has to be supplied with good quality breathable air,
    • zinc fumes have an unpleasant odour and can cause zinc fever. This fever occurs a certain time after metallising and generally goes away rather quickly. If this is not the case, a doctor has to be contacted.
  • An overall suit: it has to protect the front and prevent dusts from penetrating inside.
  • Gloves: preferably made of leather which is non-flammable. They have to be thermally insulated and cover up to above the wrist.
  • Safety shoes
  • Ear plugs: for attenuating the level of noise caused by the metallising work.

Technical advices

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